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Student Bundle Offer

1/. This offer (The Offer) applies to students only, that is, the student must have a valid student email address ending Any invalid purchases will not be created or will be created at the full price of the individual bundle components.

2/. This offer shall apply to new registrations of .uk domains registered for the duration of the offer only

3/. The Offer will apply for the domain registration period and web hosting with associated add ons for 1 year only.

4/. Following the conclusion of The Offer, .uk domain names and web hosting along with it's associated add ons included in the bundle will automatically be charged at the standard renewal rates using the payment method on the account. Customers are advised that this current quoted price is subject to change. Customers that do not wish to renew must ensure that the correct cancellation method is followed as laid out in General Terms & Conditions. A renewal reminder will be sent out 30 days and 7 days prior to expiry.

5/. Customers may not use The Offer in conjunction with any other offers advertised by EcoHosting Ltd or any associated brands.

6/. The Offer is not applicable to domain or web hosting renewals.

7/. This offer will run from 12th August 2016 until further notice.

8/. EcoHosting Ltd reserves the right to end this Offer, extend this Offer and or amend the terms and conditions of this Offer at any time without the prior notice or consent of the customer.

9/. Reasonable usage applies. Any abuse of The Offer will not be tolerated and invalid purchases will be rejected or the full price charged as stated in clause 1.

10/. This Offer is subject to EcoHosting Ltd's terms and conditions to which the purchaser must agree upon sign up.

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