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Eco Hosting Are An Accredited Registrar + A Member Of Nominet
Our domain names offer great value for money with no hidden costs or inflated renewal fees

IPS Tags + Nameservers Information

IPS TAGS (UK Domains Only)
For .uk,,,, our TAG is ENIXLTD.

NAMESERVERS - ELEMENT SERVERS (nameservers will be indentified in your new account information email)
For our element server cloud hosting platforms our nameservers are +

NAMESERVERS - ATOM SERVERS (nameservers will be indentified in your new account information email)
For our Atom servers our nameservers are +

ECO SMART CLOUD (nameservers will be indentified in your new account information email)
For our Reseller Cloud hosting platform our nameservers are +

Domain Pricing

Domain Extension Yearly Cost Registration Period Get Started
.uk | | | £6.66 1 YEAR Buy A Domain
.com | .net | .org | .biz | .info from £11.00 1 - 10 YEARS Buy A Domain
UK Domain Privacy Free For UK Domains N/A N/A
TLD Domain Privacy £5.99 1 YEAR Buy A Domain
New TLD Extensions From £11 1 - 10 YEARS Take Me There
Domain Transfers Free For UK Domains N/A Take Me There
TLD Domain Transfers From £8 N/A Take Me There

Protect your personal information and identity from accidently being disclosed on the internet by using Domain Name WHOIS Privacy. If you own a domain name, your name could be visible to the public, with domain privacy it stays private. This service is free with UK domains but is £5.99 for TLDs.

WHOIS – pronounced “who is” – is a database that makes it easy to find out who owns any domain. Without protection, your registrant name may be accessible to everyone on the internet (TLDs only). Normally EU registrant data for TLDs is redacted for privacy by default but on occasion the registrant name is shown as the organisation name. If you are a business then it's probably not a big issue especially as the domain name may be the business name, however, if you are a private individual this may not be acceptable. The WHOIS Privacy service will replace any details with ours leaving no room for error by the registry or elsewhere and the underlying registry (ownership) data will be yours. Please note that for UK domains, any personal data is automatically removed from public view regardless of registrant type.

Check Out Some Of The Free Stuff You Get With Domain Names Registered Through Us

  • Web Forwarding
    Multiple types, 301 redirection or 302 Temporary
  • Change Nameservers
    Point your domain to us or another server, must be poined to us to use our DNS.
  • Change IPS TAG
    Change your TAG free of charge and move your domain to another registrar with no penalty.
  • WHOIS Opt Out
    Your details are automatically redacted from the UK registry whois database
  • Full DNS Management
    Manage all aspects of your domain, mail, web, sub-domains, mail exchange records (MX) plus more.
  • Easily Add Hosting
    Just use your admin dashboard to add hosting to your domain, it really is that simple.

We Also Love Premium Domains

Eco Hosting have thousands of domains available in our domain portfolio
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Tips + FAQs

How long will it take for my new domain name to become active?

Domains are registered as soon as you order them, however it can take a couple of hours for the dns to become active so your links to control panels may not work immediately but we do supply a default gateway through which you can get started immediately.

Do I own the domain name

Yes - for the registration period. If the domain isn't renewed or payment isn't received the domain will expire and become free to register by anyone. Please see our expired domain policy.

Can I transfer the domain at any time?

Yes, you can, and we provide a control panel so that you can make these changes yourself at any time and that's all included in the price. The only restrictions are with TLDs. These cannot be transferred up to 60 days after the initial registration period nor 30 days before expiry.

How do I renew a domain with Eco Hosting?

We will contact customers via email about 30 days before the domain is due for renewal. You can then decide whether to renew the domain name or not. For this reason, we always ask customers to ensure that their email address is valid, working and up-to-date, to ensure they get such messages. For UK domains you will also get a reminder from Nominet directly.

Can I sell the domain to somebody else?

Yes you can. It's yours to do with as you please. For all non .uk domains, we provide the facility in the control panel to change the owner details for a domain at any time. For UK domains, such changes have to be made through the naming authority Nominet who can advise you on the procedure or we can do this for you for the same fee as Nominet charge (£12)

Keep your domain names short, sweet and memorable

To find your site it would make sense that your domain name should be memorable and therefore be able to type your domain into a browser easily. Aim to register the shortest domain that your visitors will associate with your website or brand. Try to avoid too many numbers or words which are hard to spell.

Brand Protection, protect your name and reputation

Registering the same domain name with other extensions will help you protect your brand, particularly if you own a trademark. Try to register the most popular extensions to prevent cyber squatters trading on your reputation. You will also be able to prevent the loss of traffic through people visiting the wrong website. Furthermore, registering multiple domain names with different extensions can block potential competitors and help strengthen your search engine listings.

Common domain name permutations

If money isn't an issue and you have a domain name that can be easily pluralised or misspelled, consider registering alternatives. You may want to register related domain names based around:

  • Obvious misspellings and typos - e.g. ‘’.
  • Plurals/ non-plurals - and’.
  • Different grammatical forms -’ and
  • Synonyms - E.g. ‘’ and ‘’.
Try using keywords or location in your domain name

If you don't have a brand then try using keywords that describe your business and the services you offer. EG : Include the keywords that people would enter when searching. If you are a local business then add your location EG : as search engines will show the most relevant results for the users location.

Whatever you decide, make sure you act fast

Domain names sell quickly. If you are thinking about it then someone else probably already has or is going to so be quick and register your domain today even if you develop a website at a later date.

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