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What Are You Banging On About?

What Are Premium Domains

The lovely man on the right is showing how you can build an online business quickly and effectively with a premium domain.

  • Brainstorm or have a great idea
  • Turn your ideas into reality by starting your own business
  • Buy a premium domain with traffic or a strong keyword
  • All the pieces fall into place
  • Sales win as organic traffic pours in from the strong generic domain
  • Success, now just keep going
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Premium domain names are domains that are already registered but are being sold by the current registrant. Think of it as virtual property. Some people want to move house and some people buy to invest and resell at a later date. Buying a premium domain is the best way to get your hands on domains that you would have no chance of registering by hand or by back ordering.

Most premium domains already have traffic so there are people already landing on the domain looking for something. If they don't have traffic then you will not go far wrong with a strong generic eg :, etc etc.

Our premium domain portfolio consists of thousands of keyword and brandable domains as well as products, services and niche domains. All of our premium domains are easy to transfer and prices include any transfer or registrant change fees.

Some Reasons Why You Should Buy A Premium Domain From Us

No Hidden Costs

No split payments, membership fees or blind auctions. The price you see is the price you pay.

Brand Awareness

Own a memorable domain name that is easy to remember, boosts your brand and drives traffic.

Hassle Free

No need to organise transfers, if it comes from us we will just put it in your account.

The Perfect Home

Own the domain that fits without compromising your ideas, dreams or business.

Fair Play Domaining

We will not put buyers into a bidding war, we will always accept the offer if it matches the required price

Open To Everyone

You do not have to be an Eco Hosting customer to buy premium domains, please do get in touch.

If You Now Love Premium Domains

Let us know what you need and we will see if we have a domain that suits

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