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Eco Hosting Website Builder

The Website Builders don't require you to be a computer genius nor a coder to get to grips with building your website. The simple drag + drop and editing functionality along with tutorial videos and YouTube videos, you'll be able to create your website with ease.

The Free Website Builders are also a more affordable option for those whose budget is limited. Rather than outsourcing your design, you can design and learn at the same time. With 100+ responsive templates, your site will look right in all devices (a responsive design will adapt it's layout relevant to the viewing window of a device). Try them now using the demo links below (please be aware that we do not have control over the demo content and as this is a demo, the functions are limited)

The FREE logo maker can be accessed via the Stack Website Builder but is also an option that can be accessed via the Free Logo Maker website Website Builder vs Stack Website Builder
Two Builders To Choose From

Zyro template Examples

Easy To Use

Using the Free Web Builder is a quick and easy way to set up a website using a template. Creating a website is pretty easy and you don't have to be a technical wizard to use it. Just choose the template you like the look of or search by category and customise away.

You can even just use the base theme and build your own layout. If you have no previous experience you can still create a stunning responsive website in no time at all by using this free website builder.

More Than 100 Awesome Templates

This Web Builder tries to offer a broad spectrum of themes to suit all personal or business needs but if you don't find one to suit then you can just choose a layout you like and change it to match your website requirements. So whether you're a outdoors type, a small business owner or a photographer, you can use this customisable Website Builder and the included templates to create your own website which will work in all devices.

Install, choose a theme, customise and publish.

Zyro template Examples
Zyro template Examples

Drag & Drop

It really is as easy as it seems. Click a module to add and drop it into the pane then drag and place it where you want it. It's such a simple way to do things there's no reason not to give it a try. It is easy to create and place any sort of data: text, images, forms, Google Maps, You Tube videos, galleries or tables.

Photographs and items stored locally on your drive can be dropped anywhere and then placed where required.

Social Media

Add any social media modules into your pages and build your following. Use the available icons and drop them onto the page and place them wherever you need them.

Absolutely Free!

This Website Builder is included in all cPanel hosting packages and is included absolutely free of charge!

Zyro template Examples

On either side of this tab you'll see clickable tabs for each of the web builders. Have a read through each to see what they do. You'll see some videos below that provide a brief overview of what each Web builder does. Whilst the results are the same, a complete fully responsive website, the methods and the style by which these builders achieve the results are different and you may prefer one over the other. If at any time you need any advice or help feel free to get in touch with our friendly support team who will try to answer any questions you may have.

Stack Builder Examples

Easy To Use

When editing an area, just move your mouse over the relevant content block that you want to edit and the default toolbar will appear with your respective editing features for that content area.

Simply edit the contents, any settings, drag and drop the element to where you want it or even add a new content block

HTML Coding Available If Required

No previous HTML knowledge is required to use this website builder, however, each element or block can be opened in an easy to use visual HTML editor if it is required.

Not only can you use the HTML editor to tweak your site but you can also add custom CSS and JavaScript. Better still (for some) you can also use the PHP Iclude option.

Loads Of Layout Variations

The same as the Website Builder, click a module to add and drop it into the pane then drag and place it where you want it. It's pretty simple really, each template available in the Stack Website Builder has thousands of customisable permutations with 6 core layouts, 6 core menus, 60 core colours and over 150 custom fonts.

Add Professionally designed fonts, over 150 hand picked fonts to make your website look extra special. You can choose two different fonts, one for website content and one for headers & menus.

Add Apps

Make a stunning responsive website with organised content blocks for paragraphs, headers, feature boxes, downloadable files, images and videos. Add Contact Forms, Maps, Photo Galleries, Slideshows, Use Form Builders, Shopping Carts, Newslettersand more.

Absolutely Free!

This Website Builder is included in Stack Tier 3 Web Hosting Packages and is included absolutely free of charge! If you want Stack Builder in a different package than Stack Tier 3 then please let us know and we'll try to provision this for you.

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