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Virus Scanner

Scans For Viruses And Malware

virus scanner

Virus scanning will check your website and alert you to threats and security issues so you can take action to protect your visitors and reputation. Scanning includes:


per year

  • Scans of home directory
  • Scans of public directory
  • Scans of emails accounts
  • Scans of FTP Space
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Cloud Defender

Advanced Monitoring

hacker blocker

Protect your website and your visitors from malicious code injections, attacks and infections. You can switch this on and off in your cPanel


per year

  • Real-time security monitoring
  • Continuous security assessment
  • Web application hardening
  • Virtual patching
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Spam Experts

World Class Anti-Spam


Stop spam in it's tracks with Spam Experts. Switch it on or off in your cPanel, uses reverse DNS, Real-Time Blacklists (RBL) and other tools to stop spam at the mail server.


per year

  • Safeguard emails
  • Add senders to whitelist
  • Configurable Options
  • Trust Your Inbox
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Protect Your Website

safeguard your data, your personal details and your visitors

Web sites are a security risk, that's a fact. Why would anyone want to hack your website? Well, websites are comprimised all the time, we see it on a regular basis. The majority of website security breaches are not to steal secret information or to deface your website for kudos, but are instead attempts to use your server as an email relay for spamming, or to set up a temporary web server to serve files of an illegal nature. If you've had a lot of spam it's probably because someones website was hacked and the hacking script is using your web server to email thousands of people. Generally, hacking isn't some guy sitting at his computer (it can be), but is usually a script specifically written to regularly perform automated scans of the entire Internet to exploit known website security issues.

Enhance your website and data security with our comprehensive daily scanning services and globally recognised SSL certificates. Whatever size or type of website you run, our advanced business and security facilities help protect your site and visitors, save you time, and ensure your reputation remains intact.

Stay Up To Date With Security Issues

Regularly update your CMS and any plugins, make your forms secure (no uploads) and keep your javascript / jquery up to date. Regularly check for odd looking files in your webspace

Spam Experts Logo

Stopping Spam Before It Gets To The Mail Server

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Spam Experts is server based anti-spam software that is simple to use and is perfect for standard mailboxes and premium mailboxes. The software protects your mailbox during the SMTP process, stopping spam before you need to accept it.

Spam is a massive 98% of all email traffic, most from infected computers around the world. The best way to stop spam is to actually be integrated into the email server, so spam can be identified during the SMTP handshake phase. Even more importantly blocking instead of email filtering offers you more protection against new attacks, whether they be text Spam or in images, videos, attachments, or even encrypted messages.

Spam Experts does all of this, whilst being easy to use and easy to understand. Like other software, Spam Experts has constant updates, and protects all your email addresses.

Virus Scanning

scans both mail and web and more

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Quick Set Up

Activate VS and start protecting your website. No software to install and no code to add to your site. Virus Scanner is a fully hosted solution so no site lag and can scan for thousands of different threats all triggered from your cPanel

Protect your search engine rankings

Every day thousands of websites get blacklisted by Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other search engines because of malware injected into websites. Don’t run the risk of losing customers, damaging your reputation or infecting website visitors. Be proactive, protect your website.

You Choose The Scans

Each scan will check your website, FTP and emails for known viruses, malware threats and for any injected malicious code. You will be immediately informed about any findings in your cpanel interface so you can take the appropriate action immediately.

Works well with Cloud Defender

Hackers are very good at exploiting vulnerabilities, even firewalls, anti-spam and other preventative measures are not enough to fully protect your website. Virus Scanner along with Cloud Defender adds an extra layer of protection to your website.

Cloud Defender, is an advanced monitoring service to upgrade your site security. For maximum impact, Cloud Defender works alongside your firewalls and anti-spam/virus measures.

Cloud Defender

Protecting your website in real-time

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HTTP Protocol Protection

Cloud Defender gives you access to HTTP traffic and the ability to inspect it in real-time. Cloud Defender will automatically block, attempts to "misuse" anyURLs or files on your site.

Full Logging For Diagnostics

Once an attack is blocked, Cloud Defender gives you the ability to log all the information needed essential for forensics. We can tell you where the attack came from, what they were attacking and how severe it was so you can harden your security.

Real-time Blacklist Lookups

Cloud Defender compares your site to a wide range of search engine blacklists whether it be spam, malware or DNS, to ensure you haven’t been banned or blocked. It’s a great way to ensure your traffic is not impacted and your site reputation remains safe.

HTTP Denial of Service Protection

If a specific IP address requests too many pages in a short space of time that would normally slow your site or stop it in it's tracks, Cloud Defender will block the offending IP pending assessment so your site spins back to normal speeds.

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